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I think you are right about Jax being number 2 in waiver priority. So if the speculation is true they will gamble that 30 other teams think he is not even worth a 7th since the Jets would likely rather get something for him rather than nothing. Also, that 1 other team will pass on getting him for nothing
Haven't given it much thought, but I believe the Jets would seek out a trade first and even if Jax wanted to risk it, they'd find out that some other team had made an offer, so they would have time to go ahead and jump in if they want to.

If no other team made an offer, then the Jets would waive Tebow. Jax would have to be willing to bet that the one team ahead of them wouldn't want him.

Given that, if I were Jax, I probably wouldn't be the first team to make an offer. Just wait it out as there is nothing to lose. I mean, I seriously doubt that the Jets are going to immediately take the first offer that hits their desk.

On the larger issue, it doesn't bother me at all that there aren't 30 teams beating down the door offering up multiple picks for Tebow.