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Thread: Our 2013 opening day Offensive Line

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    But you do have to consider is center a premium enough position to be paying
    8% of your cap for?

    Trading him this year however is stupid
    Why? I understand his cap charge even if traded but I am going into this season thinking it is a lost/cap clearing season anyways. If we get a 2006-like miracle and make the playoffs then so be it.

    And Ray the only fantasy here is fans like you who still think it is 2009.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotch View Post
    I just can't justify spending an early-round pick on a RT in this day and age, especially given that we have a 1st Round Center and a 1st Round LT.

    A somewhat competent scout should be able to acquire an replacement level RT in later rounds, via Free Agency or from the UDFA pool.
    You think any 'somewhat competent scout" can just quickly pick one out. yeah just drive down to RT'R'UZ and get one of the shelf.

    This day and age? This day and age you have defenses rotating their top pass rushers going from either side. This day and age when when TE are rarely called on to be in line blockers but oversized WRs, This day and age when Qbs are throwing the ball mare than ever.

    Did you even think before you posted this?

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    it seems most feel.....

    The right side of the line needs a complete uipgrade and we need a new rtgd? That's. A lot to ask out of one draft and maybe a fa(with a cap clean up).Expect to keep some of this years players around at least as subset (but also expect they will get plenty of pt) .Focus should be rt, but remember every other team needs one too, pickings will be thin.
    In addition you haven't addressed Qb as we have nothing without playmakers at wr and rb?
    Bottom line we are starting from scratch with a weak draft facing us. Build the ol first and trade or cut the dead wood!


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