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Thread: Was 11 sacks payback to McElroy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetman in indy View Post
    Like I said earlier, anybody blaming those sacks on anyone other than the line needs to watch the game again. Brady would have crumbled back there as well.

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    What if this was to get rid of Sparano? Maybe the OL wants Turner too so made Sparano look even worse because of Sanchez looking more lost. It's hard to believe but anything is possible.
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    I wouldn't blame the OL if it was. Elroy is a cancerous turd that shouldn't be on the team. Anyone who thinks his comments last year didn't hurt Mangold and DBrick are kidding themselves. A 3rd string QB has no place saying what he said about the team leadership. RIGHT OR WRONG he needs those leaders when he is in the game. You keep that **** in the locker room not to the press room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    McElroy got sacked a bunch but more than half of them had to do with him holding the ball far too long...

    He's always done it. Look back at his college numbers. One thing the guy has always done is take sacks.
    Very rarely was it a jailbreak situation. Most of the sacks Mcelroy took to long to get rid of the ball. That is normal for a young QB. I don't think guys like Dbrick and Mangold have "quit" in them. And guys like Slausson and Ducasse are playing for jobs.

    The Jets also have zero talent at WR and many times the QB takes too much time because no one is getting separation.


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