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Why do so many people think we will be able to keep Revis? I just don't see us keeping him with respect to what he will demand and hold out for. Our pass defense did not really take a hit with just Cromartie. Revis is the best there is but I would rather another #1 pick than 1 more year of Revis.
The thing with Revis is already paid for for this year and has 0 need for a new contract. He plays he ups his value showing he is still the best in the game. Walks off with 15 mil then if he wants to come back everyone including us will likely have around the same bid. Just like Aso who basically had 3 deals with all the same #s but wanted to play in Philly. Revis will be the same. If he really wants to stay I think the offer will be there. Question is do we really want to lock up that much on a CB. He will likely get like 6 years averaging 13 mil back end loaded with like 35 mil guaranteed. There will be 5-6 teams likely making the same offer. Fact is right now he isn't worth that much to anyone.