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    With the obvious need to rebuild some of the offensive line and given our financial situation, should we not sign Jeff Otah to a cap friendly 2 year contract to compete with Austin Howard as starting RT. At one time, he was considered one of the best RTs in the NFL but questionable desire changed that. Maybe being out of football for a year has changed that. He is working out a Lacharles Bentley OLINE school.

    The player rep for OT Jeff Otah maintains the free agent will "definitely" play again in the NFL.The Charlotte Observer confirms Otah had a setback with his knee in training camp. "He's not currently ready to play today, but he will be there in the future," said the agent. "One thousand percent" committed to playing this season, Otah plans to travel to Ohio to work out in LeCharles Bentley's O-Line Academy before attempting to sign with another NFL team. It's a positive sign for a player whose effort was often questioned in Carolina. Aug 2 - 3:44 PM

    Free agent OT Jeff Otah is training with former Saints and Browns C LeCharles Bentley in an effort to improve his conditioning and get back in the NFL.If Otah is truly motivated to turn his career around at age 26, he certainly could help a team as a starting right tackle. He could probably even start at left tackle for some clubs. Otah is at Bentley's "O-Line Academy" in Cleveland, trying to rebuild himself. "I believe he's definitely going to be ready this season," Bentley said of Otah. "At what point in the season, I'm not sure." Aug 22 - 2:20 PM

    Instead of drafting a RT, this would free up a pick to address other concerns. He is only 29 years old. Thoughts?

    On a side note, signing Otah and drafting CHance Warmack sure would go along wqay to solidify the line.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me.

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    LOL. This thread made me smile.


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    If he wants back and is healthy fine

    We have three maybe four spots on the OL that can be better

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    2 year deal? Pretty sure allowing into TC to compete for a spot would be enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    2 year deal? Pretty sure allowing into TC to compete for a spot would be enough.
    I am sure if he holds a workout for all NFL teams and given his age and once being considered one of the best RTs in the NFL it will take more than just a TC invite. How about 2 years with a vet min and incentives?

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    He'd be thrilled to get a vet minimum guaranteed deal if he ever plays again.

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    whatever. the thing is since he quit before there's no reason to think he won't quit again. he'd have to come pretty cheap.

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    Much like Braylon Edwards, Otah could be a good high reward, low-risk move in bringing in talent, or former talent for another shot that could wind up being a good move for the team with the potential for big production at very little cost. All of it would depend on Otah's health, I'm all for it.

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    Didn't they find something that ended his career? Even if he can walk he was like 380 lbs when we traded for him. That is not the guy I would want sorry. Honestly I'd rather look at the RA market at this point then even resign Howard. People may like him more then Hunter but he isn't any better.

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    I lineman with a knee issue from Carolina.....sound to frickin' familiar. <cough><cough>Kris Jenkins<cough><cough>.

    But what choice do we have?

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    Didn't he fail his physical this summer???

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    It will probably cost the jets 1/4 mill to find out.

    2 year contract a 250,000 SB and vet min (about 650,000 for a 4 year vet)
    and 50,000 for every game he plays for the first year 2,000,000 for the 2nd.

    If he does not hold up thru camp, the 1/4 mill is kissed off. If he makes the roster but is just the back up he is cheap. and if you wan to let him go year two it is a 125,000 cap hit.

    I think your going to have to give him something up front if you want to be sure to get him. 20 teams will let him come into camp for a walk on.

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    Isn't this the guy we already traded for but had to return under warranty because he was defective?

    um, no thanks


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