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Thread: Jets should go all in on Sean Payton

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    Are there any out here opposing a Mike Holmgren hiring? That would give Tannenbaum the room to step down and take his old spot back (Something I know most here do not want, but apparently Woody does).
    If he held on to Mangini for an evaluation year in Cleveland, I'm sure he would hold on to Rex for a year as well (Something I know a lot of people on here wouldn't be happy about, but seems to me the right thing to do). He would put a lot of focus on O and make sound personnel moves as well. Might be kind of old, but his brain still works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly View Post
    Money talks. Make it happen Woody!
    I AGREE 100%

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    Good Grief Charlie Brown

    Did you miss the report that .Bounty Boy resigned with the Saints for five years?

    Thank goodness really

    Because if Mr Johnson had signed him you and your UFT goofoff pal would have been the first two self righteous moralists condemning the signing as proof of your usual circus argument

    Woody signed a proven cheater to run the team!!!!!!!!
    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!

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    The guy thats gonna get fired is the one who deserves it, Tannenbaum.


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