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Thread: Manish Mehta report is false

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seagirt View Post
    =Mannish also says report 100 percent true. Now I don't likeManush but Rex is 100 percent a liar. Iam tired of his stories.

    ... WELL, Francessa says its true, so it must be. The underlying question is : if Mike Pettine is a source for Manish Mehta... Why is that exactly.? Why would Pettine say anything negative at all.?
    Because he's pissed Rex took back alot of the playcalling from him this season...He called most of the D calls last season and Rex said in the offseason he would be taking some of the playcalling back...

    JMO but that's also why Pettine didn't sign his extension..

    Rex: I’ll be more involved with Jets defense

    Last Updated: 2:22 PM, August 1, 2012

    CORTLAND — Part of the Extreme Jets Makeover: Rex Ryan Edition will include the Jets’ head coach making more of the defensive play calls this year.

    Ryan, who called himself the best defensive coach in football last week, ceded much of the play-calling to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine last season.

    After an 8-8 campaign and missing the playoffs, Ryan has pledged to become more involved on both sides of the ball, including calling more of the defenses.

    Pettine said it always has been a collaboration between he and Ryan when it comes to making defensive calls, and said this year will be no different, but he’s fine if Ryan takes on more of the play-calling duties.

    “I’m ego-free when it comes to that,” Pettine said. “I want to win football games. I’ve had games where I say, ‘Hey Rex, I’m just not feeling it’ or it’s obvious, ‘Hey Rex, that’s three drives and I gave up 17 points, take it for a while and let me regroup.’ There have been games where I’ve called it start to finish and Rex after the game has said it’s like we’re reading each other’s mind.”

    Ryan, who spent three years as the Ravens defensive coordinator, called the defenses in his first season with the Jets when the unit was ranked No. 1 in the NFL. He turned over some of the play-calling to Pettine in 2010 and then nearly all of it last season.

    Ryan has avoided definitively saying he will be calling the defense, but often has hinted at it. Last week, he said, “I’m going to be more involved over there, calling games or whatever.”

    The Jets’ defense ranked fifth last year, nothing to be ashamed of. But the unit gave up a number of big plays and was embarrassed in consecutive weeks against the Eagles and Giants in December, surrendering 65 combined points.

    After the season, Ryan vowed to become more involved with the defense. Players say Ryan has been in meetings, quizzing everyone about what each position does in each call. For example, he’ll ask inside linebacker David Harris what cornerback Darrelle Revis’ responsibilities are in certain situations.

    “I think maybe just Rex feels like he wanted it to go back on him if anything good or bad happens,” Revis said. “He wants it to fall back on him. He’s taking the step to just call the plays.”

    Linebacker Bart Scott has been coached by Ryan for his entire career, first in Baltimore and now here. He said Ryan just has a knack to calling defenses.

    “It’s Rex’s defense,” Scott said. “Nobody can teach your defense the way you can. He’s the defensive version of ‘Rain Man.’ He sees things that others don’t see. I’m sure everybody chuckles when he said he’s the best defensive coach in the league, but I dare you to check over a 10-year period what defensive coordinator’s been.”

    Ryan does edge Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau if you add up their defenses rankings over the last six years.

    Pettine said he and Ryan get together on either Friday night in Ryan’s office or Saturday night at the team hotel and make the call sheet for the game.

    The sheet is divided up by the personnel groupings of the offense, down and distance.

    “It’s like reading off a menu,” Pettine said. “We’ve done the call sheets together for so long ... that it’s really only a matter of who’s reading the actual call sheet. It’s pre-set. A lot of the calls are already done.”
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    Dan Leberfeld ‏@jetswhispers
    We just had Mehta on SiriusXM, and he reiterated that conversation with Rex on TH night was off the rec so that is why he didn't quote him.

    So that begs question - how can Rex expect a reporter to quote him if conversation that was off the record?

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Dan Leberfeld ‏@jetswhispers
    We just had Mehta on SiriusXM, and he reiterated that conversation with Rex on TH night was off the rec so that is why he didn't quote him.

    So that begs question - how can Rex expect a reporter to quote him if conversation that was off the record?
    Why would Rex even want that to be off the record? It doesn't make any sense. He knows the rat has a story and he is going to run with it. He knows who the leak is. And he defends himself off the record?

    Best case scenario is that everyone is gone in 2013 (except Dunbar and Thurman) and Manish is banned from Florham Park or at least the next regime doesn't allow anyone to talk to him and makes his job impossible bc I don't think they can ban him.


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