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Thread: Most likely GM candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    If you weren't being a homer on everything, even moves that haven't been made yet, I wouldn't have said that. But you were. So I did.
    Holy crap you are a dumbass!

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    I know it's hard to judge a man from press conferences but every one I've ever seen of Joey ClinkScales, I've come away unimpressed. Seemed to lack confidence in the picks, football knowledge and public speaking skills seemed awful.

    As far as the concept of bringing ClinkScales back? That is one absurd and ludicrous concept that fits the loony framework that the owner is trying to keep intact.

    It's becoming obvious that maybe just maybe Mr.Johnson does not give a **** about the Lombardi trophy.

    The whole Tebow for a 4th was a ****ing disaster. It did nothing to improve Sanchitos play, Tebow himself gave us zero production on ST or O and just created an unhealthy atmosphere whirlwind with the media.

    I'd really like to know who was behind the Tebow acquisition......

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    Look at the timeline. Clinkscales was forced to quit due to dissenting from Woody's order for the Tebow trade. That buys him cred oh and he's an actual evaluator of talent unlike Tanny and Dumbway.


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