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Thread: Great Article about Tannenbaum and Jets drafts

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    Great Article about Tannenbaum and Jets drafts

    Really solid breakdown of what has really ailed the Jets for years, their porous Jets over the last several years.

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    The thing about Tannys school of thought draft wise is that with so few picks and trading up often you MUST hit on almost all of your picks. The teams that accumulate a lot of picks and just take who drops to them or trades down insulates themselves against busts because although a lot of players do not play in the league they make up for it with better depth and a higher % chance of a guy making a contribution.

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    Here are the AFCE draft 1st and 2nd round draft picks from 2009 (Rex Ryan Era)

    Grading system from worst to best: Bust, Jag, Average, Above Average, Stud

    1. Ryan Tannehill - QB - Above Average
    2. Jonathan Martin - OT - no comment

    1. Mike Pouncey - C - Stud
    2. Daniel Thomas - RB - Average

    1. Jared Odrick - DE - Average
    2. Koa Misi - DE/OLB - Average

    1. Vontae Davis - CB - Average
    2. Pat White - QB - Bust
    2. Sean Smith - CB - Average

    1. Stephon Gilmore - CB - Above Average
    2. Cordy Glenn - OT - Above Average

    1. Marcell Dareus - DL - Above Average
    2. Aaron Williams - DB - Jag

    1. CJ Spiller - RB - Stud
    2. Torell Troup - DT - Bust

    1. Aaron Maybin - DE - Bust
    1. Eric Wood - C - Above Average
    2. Jairus Byrd - DB - Stud
    2. Andy Levitre - OL - Average

    New England
    1. Chandler Jones - DE - Above Average
    1. Dont'a Hightower - LB - Above Average
    2. Tavon Wilson - DB - Jag

    1. Nate Solder - OL - Above Average
    2. Ras-I Dowling - DB - Bust
    2. Shane Vereen - RB - Average

    1. Devin McCourty - DB - Average
    2. Rob Gronkowski - TE - Stud
    2. Jermaine Cunningham - DL - Jag
    2. Brandon Spikes - LB - Above Average

    2. Pat Chung - DB - Jag
    2. Ron Brace - DL - Bust
    2. Darius Butler - DB - Bust
    2. Sebastian Vollmer - OL - Above Average

    1. Quinton Coples - DE - Average
    2. Stephen Hill - WR - Average

    1. Muhammad Wilkerson - DL - Above Average

    1. Kyle Wilson - DB - Average
    2. Vladimir Ducasse - OL - Bust

    1. Mark Sanchez - QB - Bust

    This is subjective and is only my opinion. But in the last 4 years, not only has the Jets not have many picks in the top rounds, they've also missed. I graded this year's picks on the conservative side. For example, Chandler Jones could be a stud but he has slowed down a bit. All 3 other AFCE franchises are on a more steeper upward slope than the Jets imo.

    Buffalo and New England have at least 1 above average player in each draft. However Buffalo's problem is the QB and coaching. This is not the whole picture. For example there are many lower round draft picks and free agent signings that turn out well. But you almost always want to get the impact player in the 1st 2 rounds.
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    Muhammad Wilkerson is more of a stud than above average. He played at a pro bowl level this year.

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    Isn't out ex GM Terry Bradway heavily involved in our drafts? Why - because cheap Woody Johnson didn't want to throw money away. Now he wants to do the same thing with Tannenboob. Woody Johnson enables this. Other executives pull the trigger but those executives are in place because Woody is a cheap bastard. Again now he wants to keep another GM around that has no business on this team any longer. If you want to succeed in this league you have to be cut throat and cut ties if they need cutting and you can't be cheap. Keeping around useless has been execs obviously isn't working.

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    This article goes out if its way to discount what they got for the traded draft picks. Which you can't do. They did get some real value for the picks they traded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    Muhammad Wilkerson is more of a stud than above average. He played at a pro bowl level this year.
    That may very well be true. But it doesn't change the problem the Jets have when they only hit on 1 player in the top 2 rounds in 4 years. At least now, it is less costly to make a mistake at the top with the Rookie Wage Cap. Previously, if make that mistake, you will be in cap hell.


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