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Thread: Sanchez has been coached up all wrong!

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    Sanchez has been coached up all wrong!

    When a QB calls a play in the huddle he obviously should know the route of each player that is eligible to catch a pass on that play. The play should of been practiced 100s of times. It should be embedded in the QBs memory banks where each receiver will be during the play. The QB should not be looking at his own receivers. The QB should be only looking at the defense. Read1 receiver to left has a man on him and a safety deep. Read2 slot receiver has a man on him . Read 3 tight end has a linebacker over him. Read4 receiver to right has a man on him and safety deep. Looks like man coverage. Play starts . Read1 corner covering and safety drifting towards receiver. Read2 man on slot guy with linebacker also following deep - but this means tight end should have no more than 1 person covering him. Start throw to tight end. If QB has to move to get open lane than do it. If tight end is heavily covered when starting to throw then throw the ball where only he can catch it or throw it low and in dirt for an incomplete.

    The general idea is a QB knows where all his receivers are. He goes to the receiver based on how the defense is playing that particular play. He looks at the defense during the play - not his receiver - till the last second- and by looking at the defense he should know where to go with the ball.

    I think Sanchez looks at his receivers. His QB coach wasn't a successful QB in this league. I wonder why? Also when you get to read 4 you are starting your throw no matter what. If he's covered you throw it for an incomplete. Now I'm no QB coach myself. I do coach pop Warner but this seems like common sense in the NFL. I know there is a lot more than just this. I'm quite sure that Peyton Manning moves his pieces around in order to create the defense picking to double one player leaving another one in a single mismatch or wide open.
    I don't believe the Jets do much of this and I don't think Sanchez has been coached to properly dissect a defense and to look at the defense and not his receivers. How else do you explain this putrid offense.

    The Jets need a QB coach that gets it and he needs to work hand in hand with the offensive coordinator and get the plays set so Sanchez can operate properly because it obviously wasn't done this season. Sparano doesn't have a clue. Jets need to get someone that does have a clue!

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    How do you know he hasn't been coached that way?

    He simoly might not be capable.

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    Do you understand that he has worked in two offenses?

    Under Schotty the jets ran the Zampeze spot offense which is a timing offense where the receivers run to a spot and the ball should arrive at the same time.
    Last year mason and Burress and others complained that the play ran whether they were covered or not. Sanchez's read was what receiver would hit what spot with the most clearance between the defender and the spot.

    This year they changed it to more of an option read, where it depends on the reciever and the qb both reading the same coverage. The pattern they run is based on the D's formation. This is how the pats run their offense. And it requires a higher level of sophistication. Sanchez and his young/new guys never read the same coverage. Receivers broke off patterns based on what they saw and Sanchez saw something else.

    If Sanchez still had Buress, Cotch, Holmes, Mason, Edwarads vet guys that could read a d and run the right option, Sanchez may have had more success, (or he could have been the one reading the D wrong who knows.)


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