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Thread: Good Brandon Moore Interview

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    Good Brandon Moore Interview

    This interview is worth a read. It's not the usual puff nonsense. He talks about concepts, strategies, etc.


    SM: I did a piece recently on the importance of stunts and twists for D-linemen in generating pressure. How tough is it for linemen to work together in tandem like that and pass off rushers between them to pick up another guy?

    BM: Yeah, I mean it definitely takes work and communication. That’s something you need to work on, especially the tackle and the guard. If it’s a T-E move, with the tackle going out and the end coming around it’s definitely the punch of the guard flattening out the rush to punch him over and the tackle recognizing the end going across and verbally communicating with the guard to go, and just being aware of the situation and when teams like to do it.

    On E-T plays where the end is pinching in and the tackle comes around, looping outside it’s the set of the tackle that’s important, keeping that inside tight and setting down the big pinch from the end. The guard recognizing the rush of the inside guy and realizing he’s not rushing you, and verbally communicating that again. A lot of it has to do with the recognition and verbal communication and then a few things like punching them over or whatever the case may be.

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    He admires Richie Incognito? The same guy who jumped on Revis after he got hurt and the same guy who tried to break that dude's leg.


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