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Thread: Carmelo Anthony Trade - 2 Yrs Later

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    Carmelo Anthony Trade - 2 Yrs Later

    Where are all these people who were laughing at the Knicks saying they gave up too much for Carmelo? Let's break it down

    Knicks gave up:

    To Denver -

    Danilo Gallinari - nice player, really a 14 and 6 guy but his stats will be higher next couple years since Denver has nobody else who can fill a box score.

    Wilson Chandler - decent role player, dime a dozen in the nba.

    Raymond Felton - already back in a knicks uniform

    Timofey Mozgov - scrub

    To Minnesota -

    Anthony Randolph - a nobody

    Eddy Curry - ru kidding?

    In return the Knicks got arguably the best scorer in the league and an MVP candidate who is leading them to a 50+ win season this year. They have also made the playoffs every season since the trade btw.
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    BTW as an unforseen byproduct of this trade we had Linsanity happen.

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    Still wish he had gone to the NETS. He is way better then Williams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    Still wish he had gone to the NETS. He is way better then Williams.
    Could you imagine Deron and Melo playing together? Hoofah

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    Yeah, the Knicks definitely got the better end of the trade.

    Though not possible, I wish they still had Danilo because I think he'd be a good 3 with Melo at the 4 and Chandler at the 5.


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