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Thread: Tanny hired Sparano

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    I saw that too. But I also heard Boomer's version. Who knows??
    Well Schein said that Rex said it to his face. Is not second hand reporting. Sounds credible to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queens Jet Fan View Post
    Well Schein said that Rex said it to his face. Is not second hand reporting. Sounds credible to me.
    And it sounds like it was on the record. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mart View Post
    Because believe it or not some on here still want Rex to be HC and want to place all blame on Tanny. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but they are out there.

    C-Mart, I admire your ability to cut the wheat from the chaff. Some people are missing the point - which is that Rex lies. He lies and then later he tries to put the spin on it, and some people here actually believe the spin instead of believing their own eyes and ears. Blaming Tanny for hiring Sparano? Puh-leeze. He was Rex's choice. Go back in time to earlier this year when Sparano was hired. Google it for yourselves.

    Of course Tanny did the CONTRACT - that's his job. As GM he does all the contracts - for every single person in the organization. Rex chose Sparano. In fact, instead of promoting OL Coach Bill Callahan, he brought in the outsider Sparano. C-Mart had a great post about this in another thread, and here's the link to Rex's interview to back this up:

    Ryan said he interviewed only two candidates for Schottenheimer's job -- Sparano and offensive-line coach Bill Callahan -- claiming he chose Sparano based largely on the interview. Callahan, a Jets assistant since 2008, was thought to be the front-runner once it became apparent at the end of the season that Schottenheimer was a goner.

    "I felt great about Bill -- I thought he would do tremendous job as coordinator -- but when I met with Tony, it was like, wow, I was blown away," Ryan said. "We knew Tony was our guy."
    I was like, wow, Rex was blown away? I'm blown away that he only interviewed TWO CANDIDATES for Offensive Coordinator. Because that's how easy it is to run the offense, folks. Anybody can do it, so you only need to interview one or two people for the job. Rex's standards are so low that even one of us could've picked a better OC. In fact, I can practically guarantee you anybody on this forum would've interviewed more than 2 people for the job.

    Rex probably knew Sparano gave us the best chance to win! Yay! Rex sounds like a freakin' teenager in that interview instead of a head coach. He reminds me of the mean middle school girls in that commercial: "Ewwww. Seriously? Dude, that is so gross".

    Rex. Seriously? You're just as much to blame as Tanny, if not more. You:
    * Were too stubborn to make changes during games
    * Were too stubborn to make changes in between games
    * Were too proud to try something different if it wasn't your idea
    * Broke your promise to get more involved with the offense after Schotty was fired
    * Put your ego ahead of what was best for the team.
    * Only interviewed TWO APPLICANTS for the OC position, when there were more available

    Rex is a liar. He's a liability. As long as he's HC there will be trust issues for anyone considering working with the Jets, whether it's as a player or as a coach. If SAR is right about only one thing, it's about Rex Ryan.
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    I truly believe that Rex choose Sparano becuase he was in favor of keeping the run philosphy that he Rex wanted and he was of a mind to run a wildcat offense both of which Callahan probably said was STUPID!!!!

    For Rex to now act like he had nothing to do with Sparano's hiring was and is a joke!!!!!

    It is a disgrace!!!!


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