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Thread: fire rex ryan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanchez 3:16 View Post
    4 years is a long long time?

    Bill Cowher took 14 years.

    Tom Coughlin? 12 years.

    Bill Belichick? 7 years.

    Should have canned all those guys too after year 4. I bet they hit their ceiling as well.
    And none of the above mentioned three would have won a Super Bowl with having a top ten QB, Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Brady ...

    It's hard to do what those coaches did with a Mark Sanchez type QB.

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    go figure a post that is most important to our teams future is dumped here.

    why cant we discuss this? why is this dumped? explain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJets View Post
    the team quit? why because they lost games? I saw a defense that has given up over 300 yards just once in the final 6 games. That's quitting? The offense just doesn't have much talent. They aren't good enough players. Big, big difference between that and quitting
    Yeah the other 5 games were Arizona, Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Diego and Buffalo.

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    dumped? why? selective enforcement of the rules here continually. no reason for this to be dumped.


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