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Thread: Mark Sanchez worst starting QB in the NFL as determined by espn QBR

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    Mark Sanchez worst starting QB in the NFL as determined by espn QBR

    Mark Sanchez ended the season with a 23.4 season Total QBR, the lowest of any qualifying QB in NFL

    Yea sounds about right.

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    Remember people crying when Jaws ranked him 23rd before the season. He was being generous.

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    thanks rex ryan you bum.

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    He has made it to two AFCGs. Who cares what the stats say?

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    he gives us the best chance to win.

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    Not surprising.

    On a related note, is it me or are our cheerleaders not as hot as other teams'?

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    It's all about footwork

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    You needed ESPN's QBR for you to realize this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    It's all about footwork
    Yup, all he needs is to fix his footwork and he's a top 10.

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    but hes won 4 road playoff games

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    thought you were gonna say "worst qb in the history of th NFL" lol.. I would have given $200 to a reporter if they had the balls to ask Rex "when you say Mark Sanchez gives you the best chance to win are you referring to getting the lowest pick possible in nexts year's draft?"

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    I always liked his intangitannenbaumibles.

    That Suchez. I love him so.


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    Where is ray ray??

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    Well Mark had his year that many folks wanted to give him at this time last year. If he is here next year he will be the highest paid back up in the NFL. An pray who ever is our starter, he stays healthy. After next season we send Mark packing with his fat bank account and chance to find another chance some where but here.


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