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Thread: Jets hire executive to lead search for new GM

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    so the Jets decide to hire a new GM the right way, not with the impulsive approach that has got them in trouble for 40 plus years

    and here come the SOJF Tabernacle Choir of Disapproval to condemn it

    Just bring in Tuna, dammit

    Just bring in Pollian, dammit

    Just bring in XXXXX, dammit

    unbelievable really
    AGREED. Really can't believe it though. Why they hate Woody so much I will never know. I mean do they even remember when Leon Hess stepped out from the shadows and hired RICH KOTITE of all people?

    In other words, Woody going out and finding a recruiting agency in order to do things the RIGHT way is still not good enough for some of these very bitter fans.

    I think it's the right decision. I think Woody is handling this thing perfectly.

    However, I still think the best candidate for this job is Joey Clinkscales. He's got to be the most qualified candidate out there, short of an established GM with SB's on his resume.

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    Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer
    Was told that a search firm was hired by 3 teams over a month ago to find GMs

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    Quote Originally Posted by King P View Post

    Just speaks to the culture of the league. Years ago football teams were family businesses and the owners knew football. Now we have new owners who are businessmen or trust fund babies.

    I applaud Woody for doing this and acknowledging his shortcomings and trying to do what is best for the franchise.

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    Korn Ferry is just running the "process" for Woody. He needs someone like this to assist him and act as a buffer, etc. There is probably not anyone now in the organization that can fulfill this role for Woody. It is not a bad move at all.

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    i don't see why woody is taking heat for bringing in a consultant to help make a choice. isn't that their role? isn't it smart to ask an expert if one doesn't know how to make the best decision? think kraft just picked bellichicken out of friendship? kraft vetted the bellichicken before hiring him. doesn't seem like it because it happened so fast.


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