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Thread: Dallas- Washington Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    Because Elway won all of those Super Bowls without Shanahan.......

    Jake Plummer was awesome without Shanahan too.........

    Jay Cutler had his best seasons under.......

    And the Shanahan's called a brilliant game against the Browns with Cousins as the starter. Beyond that, Washington's entire offense this year has been terrifically designed.

    People don't appreciate how important coaches are. Remember before the season, when people were saying the Saints were going to be fine because Brees was going to coach the offense? What happened to that? Sean Payton was suspended for a year and got a fat raise out of it.
    Coaching is important. It's just that some are very overrated. Shanahan is in that category. You can say his schemes all you like. All I know is he was on the verge of being shown the door, along with Jr , if not for RGIII.

    Quote Originally Posted by detjetsfan View Post
    Mike Shanahan is a bad coach because he couldn't win with Rex Grossmam amd John Beck?
    I said he was a fraud and coattail rider.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snell41 View Post
    Except he was the guy that traded the farm for RG3, and drafted Morris in round 6. He knew what they needed to win and went out and got it. That's what being a good coach and football mind is about.
    What choice did he have?? One foot was out -the-door so he is in position to draft a top QB prospect and does so? If it failed he was going to be fired anyway.

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    Shanny is way overrated. He got RGIII this year because he was FORCED to take him. Showed so much faith in the pick he selected Cousins in the 3rd round, when most teams are looking for another possible starter

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    How about getting RG3 and Morris in the same draft. Morris in the 6th!!!!

    With what they gave up for RG3 they are going to need to find a lot more of those gems in late rounds bc they don't have a first rounder for a couple of years.


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