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Thread: Norv!!!!!!!!

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    It's official! He's fired!!!!!



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    Norv comes here and the media will jump all over Rex's earlier comments about him.

    Even if they come out and say bygones are bygones, we're on the same psge, we've moved past it etc etc it will not go away.

    Every time something starts to go wrong one of these dip sh!t reporters will bring those comments up....even years from now.

    If he gets hired the story will be that "the circus continues" blah blah blah... It will be the first question asked in the first press conference.

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    Some of you are as good at evaluating OCs as the Pats are at drafting wide receivers.*

    *That means not good.

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    Norv as OC = Suckchez as QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    Norv as OC = Suckchez as QB
    Good early history ... Crap lately


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