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Thread: revis says he will be 100% on his return to the jets.

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    revis says he will be 100% on his return to the jets.

    Darrelle Revis said he plans on being 100 percent by the start of the 2013 season and hopes to begin jogging soon, all good signs that the All-Pro cornerback is on track to recover from a torn ACL in his left knee.

    What he is not sure of, though, is how his contract status will be affected by the change at general manager after Mike Tannenbaum, who drafted Revis and signed him to his last contract in 2010, was fired today.

    Revis decided not to hold out this summer in search of a new deal, despite entering the third year of a contract he feels does not reflect his value to the Jets. Revis can test the free-agent market after the 2013 season if he so chooses, making it much more difficult for the Jets to re-sign him.

    "Right now I'm not even focused on that, I gotta get this knee back to 100 percent," Revis said today at Florham Park. "That's all I'm focused on is rehabbing and we'll go from there. When the time comes (the team and I) will talk, there's not too much else to say."

    Revis did say that the Jets need to bring in some more "playmakers" this offseason, something that was lacking during a season that Revis said "spiraled into turmoil."

    "The only thing I could see from the outside is that we were trying to get that momentum to build a winning streak, but it was a win here, two losses there and we could never bounce back to make the winning streak go to four or five more games."

    Revis added that the team's plans can absolutely include Mark Sanchez if he helps clear up the mental side of his game.

    "The only thing you can try and do is lift him up as best you can," Revis said. "This year was kind of tough, but as his teammate all I could do was be positive around him. ... He needs to just focus on football, don't get caught up in the he said she said stuff, just look forward."

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    It's an ACL... Outside of not paying any attention to rehab, he'll be 100%


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