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Thread: woody embarrassed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMJK View Post
    The Johnson family is worth 13.5 Billion. He owns most of J&J which employs 117000 people world wide. Although semi retired he doesn't thrive in the limelight. It's just not him. So I accept his words that he wants winner and will keep us headed in that direction.
    Check your facts...he is the red headed step child. Has never worked n any real capacity and is kept away from the company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfanri View Post
    This is so typical of a Jets want an emotional response versus a thoughtful, measured response.

    The emotional response is what drove Steinbrenner in the 80's...and the Yankees had a terrible decade filled with ill advised moves. Emotion would have fired Bill Cowher after a 6-10 season, only to see him win the SB two years later. I would imagine as a business owner alone Woody is fuming, how much money does he lose when 30,000 people don't show up to buy beer?

    Instead of going on gut or talking to other owners, Woody hires a highly respected search firm to help the process in finding the right person. That's a smart move that will pay dividends, and it is unfortunate that most jets fans will fail to see it that way.

    The Patriots and Brady are unique...Kraft hit an oil gusher without having drilled too many holes. Let's be clear...they are good because their offense is fantastic (as opposed to a great D, which was supposed to be BB's genius)...and their offense is great because every team passed on Brady 5 times, including the Patriots themselves.

    Emotional owners do dumb, emotional things...Woody is making the right moves.
    You forgot that Kraft went to the superbowl without Brady and also went to the playoffs 4 times in the 8 years before Brady. But on to the topic.
    Woody handled it ok. I don't understand hiring a exec firm for hiring a GM, If I was a jet fan I would have been more comfortable with him hiring a Football guy to help. like Spanos did with Ron Wolf. As a jet fan i would be concerned that Woody is again looking at a business guy to head the football side.
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