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Thread: The Post crucifies Rex

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjets1969 View Post
    The first year if the Colts dont pull Manning the jets lose the game and miss the playoffs. Both season the jets backed in from other team miscues.I wish Manning never got pulled.
    Thank you, few seem to remember the asterisk on that playoff run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    Some people just can't think for themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeyer52 View Post
    The article this morning in the Post takes aim squarely at Ryan and while the media gets paid to create stories this one is suggests that Ryan is inept.

    First let's be clear, the time for excuses and pointing the fingers at someone else are coming to a swift end. Schotty was shown the door, Tanny was fired and most likely Sporano will also be asked to leave. Ryan is a passionate coach and players like playing for him but being passionate does not always get it done. Just look at the Patriots who are as methodical as an executioner and just go about their business. They routinely let players go who are do for big paydays, except Brady.

    The needs for this team are so huge right now that I doubt they can have a winning season next year. 2013 will be a transition year but the fact of the matter is that Jet fans are sick of loosing and if they have another year like this one they will demand something be done and in all liklihood that will mean goodbye Rex.

    I personally like Rex but I am sick and tired of the bravado and the lack of transparency from this organization. I want players who are hungry for a ring and I want a team that has the personality of a winner not a laughing stock. As for the Post article ? I don't give it too much because the author has never played the game professionally. Maybe if writers knew more about what goes on within the org than he would be more understanding but in the NFL you're paid to win and in New York that light burns brighter than ever. The Post is right about one thing; the time for excuses and finger pointing is coming to an end for Ryan and he is on borrowed time.
    1) I haven't heard his "bravado" in some time.
    2) Lack of transparency? Who cares, get me some wins! Do you think NE is transparent?

    I say F the NY media. I wouldn't give them anything unless I absolutely had to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Absolutely its only use
    Why in the world would you want to wipe yourself with more crap.


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