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This a rebuild people!
We can't do this in one draft.
If a kickazz OLB is there at 9 it's a no brainer. We have to finish this defense.
With Wilk & Coples in the fold a pass rushing OLB will change the dynamic on this defense, especially with the return of Revis.
Harris needs to lose some weight & he can be much more effective if we can speed up the opposing QBs reactions.

If you get the OLB, you now have The Rookie, Harris, Davis, & hopefully a free agent veteran.
The rest of the draft needs to be BPA all offense other than center or LT.
That's 6 picks to help the offense.

If they resign Edwards, that's not a bad group with the return of Holmes, Kerley & Hill with another off season to hone his skills.
Norv will do wonders for Hill if we do bring him in as the OC.

So, finish the defense, go all offense for the other 6 picks & the final thing is to get a QB in there that won't turn the ball over 52 times in 31 games!
Our defense alone, with a new young fast group of linebackers & Revis returning is a guaranteed 6 wins.
A QB that protects the ball could mean 3-4 more wins & a playoff spot.
Jets solidify those LBs & they will be top 3 next year with Revis back.
Tanny also blew it when looking for 2nd tier offensive FA WRs & RBs in the offseason.
Go Jets!
That's actually a pretty solid strategy.