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Thread: Mel Kiper Jr. All-Rookie Team 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonEJet View Post
    Where oh where is the all-world Chandler Jones on this list

    Pats fans say he;s the bestest
    Exactly what I was thinking. Not to mention the threads by the SOJF's drooling over Bones' kid bro.
    Burfict was a dude the Jets myopic FO should've taken a flyer on... Geez

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggin94it View Post
    You wanted the Jets to spend their 2013 first round pick on Gordon? Because with the Browns bidding a second rounder, that's what it would have taken.
    Details, details

    Kidding, did not know it would've taken our 2nd round pick. The kids looks good though and I think we still need a lot of help at WR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuu faaola View Post
    Forget Coples, Kiper gave the Seahawks a C-.

    All they did was draft an elite pass rusher and a starting QB who led them to the playoffs as a rookie.
    Kiper said Gholston was the guy we should pick in 2008. Just sayin'

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    yes, how did this guy get away? oh yeah, tannenbaum.

    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post
    Burfict. Ugh!

    I wanted him badly on a flyer in the late rounds. We know OLB is a major need and this guy was a risk/reward pick. Could have filled a major need and had a starting OLB with a 6th or 7th rounder.


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