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Thread: From the desk of...does it really matter

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    From the desk of...does it really matter

    The the owner and head coach are on vacation. So the media can't ask stupid question and receive more stupid answers. At least until next Wed we don't have to hear any new load of crap coming from the NYJ. I can use the break. I'm sure that we and the Media will hear plenty of BS from next week until way beyond the start of next season. A compliant was submitted to NFL that the NYJ are in violation of policy. Who cares. Wed will come and they will get all their stupid non sense columns published and printed. After a year like this one you would need a vacation too. So Rex enjoy the Bahamas. A lot of people still go on vacation even after they've done a crappier job at the office.

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    not to start of a hissy fight, but ESPN and CBS, NBC pay millions to broadcast games. In the contract they are told there have so much access at a min and at what times so they can schedule programs. Woody takes the media's money he should honor the contract.


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