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Thread: Would the Jets (and Jets Fans) Have Fired Bill Cowher in 1999? Or in 2003?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post

    It's all a myth. Two myths, actually:

    Myth 1: "The Jets are impatient and fire head coaches too quickly."

    Myth 2: "If you keep a head coach for 10+ years he's definitely going to be successful."

    Warfish wants to talk about the Jets fans who are fickle. How about we talk about the Jets fans who are complacent. How many people wanted Chad Pennington to stay here forever? "I have a dream" Herman Edwards lovers? Vinny 'Mr. Long Island' Testaverde? It goes on and on and on. They adopt them. They're like puppies. Doesn't matter that they suck. Just can't let go.

    Just because "Jets" and "Mets" rhyme doesn't mean both fanbases should act the same way.

    SAR I
    Has your love for Matt Leinart completely evaporated??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    That is completely incorrect and, frankly, is an insult to Jets fans.

    The average length of employment for an NFL head coach since the start of the 2001 campaign is 3.7 seasons.

    Herman Edwards (5 seasons)
    Eric Mangini (3 seasons)
    Rex Ryan (4 seasons)

    Jets average since 2001: 4 seasons which is ahead of the NFL average, not behind it.

    The reason you perceive it to be worse than it is is because of the nonsense with Parcells/Groh/Belichick/Edwards which all took place in a 13 month period. Or, perhaps, you are fading back all the way to the mid-90's with Carroll and Kotite which were another anomaly because we were dealing with a old owner who was impatient because he was dying.

    Additionally, you're off your rocker if you think that any of these coaching tenures was cut short and hurt the team. If anything, several went on too long and hurt the team. Groh, Edwards, Mangini were all duds who either ran away to college or got a second gig and vanished forever.

    This moronic concept of "having consistency at the HC position" only works if you have a fantastic head coach. If not, you're dead. Go ask the Lions. Go ask the Chargers. Having the same HC for 10 years is a dream just like finding a franchise QB for 10 years. If you are incredibly lucky and find one, you are golden. But it can't be manufactured. You can't just say "Herman Edwards I am keeping you for 10 years because that means you're going to be a great head coach". Herman Edwards sucked. Here and in KC, sucked.

    If we went with the Warfish plan, Herman Edwards would still be here. We'd have a "consistent" head coach, all right. A consistently lousy head coach.

    SAR I

    with all due respect, please do me the great honor of eating my shorts.

    YOU are exactly the type of fan that exemplifies my theory: not enough results quick enough, and we have to start changing everything.

    Post anything in response to this if you acquiesce.


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