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Thread: Tank 2013 for teddy bridgewater

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    I'm not saying a Franchise QB isn't key... But throwing a season away for a franchise QB is not so great:

    Here's a list of Franchise QBs draft #1 who won a Super Bowl with the team that drafted them (In backwards order)

    Peyton Manning: 9th Season
    Troy Aikman: 4th Season (Also a beneficiary of one of all-time great draft deals)
    Terry Bradshaw: 5th Season

    Franchise QBs drafted #1 who won a Super Bowl for the first team they played with

    Eli Manning: 4th Season
    John Elway: 15th Season

    Alex Smith is the only #1 overall QB since Eli to even win a playoff game, and he was benched this season.

    Even in a QB driven league, tanking an entire season (while also entirely unrealistic) is incredibly stupid.

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    Unless it's for a QB calibur of Andrew Luck, which happens once every ten years. Then tanking one season is worth 15 great seasons. I think Bridgewater is a good QB, but we don't have another year to waste. Draft Murray in the 2nd or 3rd round and develop him. Since it's a 2nd or 3rd round pick, if he is bad this year then we probably have a top pick next year, then draft Bridgewater or another qb. No harm no foul. Easier to bite the bullet on a 2nd or 3rd pick then a top 5 QB (Sanchez)


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