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Thread: Aaron Murray - QB

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    Aaron Murray - QB

    If he goes pro the Jets should at least kick the tires...kid looks like a player....

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    If we manage to move back in the 1st for a skill player and pick Murray with one of our 2nds I'd sign on.

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    Kid went to my wife's alma mater high school in Tampa and won the state championship in Florida.

    He looks and throws a lot like Andrew Luck (aesthetics wise) but not sure how he handles pressure in big games. Was impressed by him against Nebraska the other day, shook off two pics and threw five tds to win going away (should have been six but his receiver dropped a gorgeous ball on his last drive of the game in the endzone).

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    Physically, he's comparable to Drew Brees. He doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, and is well above average in most areas of his game.

    I think he's got a decent chance to be a respectable NFL QB.


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