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Thread: Who deserves a new contract more? Landry or Revis?

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    Im not saying Patman, its an easy call.And your right about stats not telling the complete truth. But you can scheme a defense, to cover for the absence of Revis.Its harder to do on offense without guys run and pass blocking well. I must say though,im not in favor trading him, unless we get a 1st, anything other than a 1st is a no go

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcoops View Post
    Exactly. You don't trade an elite player - one of the top 5 or 10 players in the league at any position - for a couple of picks just because he wants to be paid at a fair level. Every great player wants to be paid, and Revis is no different. But the notion that he doesn't care about the team is false - he leads by example, and has the respect of his team for his talent and leadership on and off the field. There are lots of wasted cap dollars and crappy contracts on our team - Sanchez, Holmes, Pace, Scott, Smith etc - that are holding this team back. But in no way does Revis come into that category - he is worth his asking price.

    What would be a "fair level"?
    Has Revis EVER asked to be paid at a "fair level"?
    "fair level" for who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    It's not ludicrous to have that much money tied up when it involves two of your best players. And obviously Rex doesn't need it all that much for him to have a top 5 pass defense.

    Keep your best players... Sometimes they are going to be at the same position.

    The worst investment is having a CENTER being paid as much as Mangold is and not even clearly having him be the best in the league. It's just not an important position.
    Offense wins championships. Even if defense generally wins the Super Bowl game itself.

    It is INSANE to tie up as much money as the Jets have at CB and think it will yield a title. It might have 20-30 years ago but now now.

    Either Revis or Cro needs to go, even if both are the Jets best players. That means the talent level at other positions is too low and that needs to be addressed via assets gained by trading one of them.

    If Rex's system absolutely requires two of the best cover corners in the NFL being left all alone and Rex can't coach effectively without that, then he needs to go. It's that simple.

    Take even a 3rd or 4th for cap relief in trading either Revis or Cro. That's likely all you will get due to cap issues. Even if they both are awesome. Look at Assante Samuel. Guy is a 3 time Pro Bowler and still got given away due to what he was going to be paid. That's how it goes. That's why so many "let's make this trade" posts are absolutely idiotic and should be dumped immediately.

    Very few have a grasp for how highly cap room and draft picks are valued over even a current All-Pro with the exception being pass rushers and QB's.

    If you can't get an elite level QB then that player needs surrounded by very high talent, like a Calvin Johnson for instance.

    And even then, you most likely will still need a QB. It's not really hard to understand. It's why Tannenbaum was fired. He had amassed zero transcendent players aside from two corners during his tenure and CB's won't win you a championship.

    How come Deion never won a title in Atlanta? How come he did in Dallas and San Fran? You think it's a fluke that Charles Haley has all those rings?

    DE is the 2nd most important position after QB. That's how this works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsonly View Post

    What would be a "fair level"?
    Has Revis EVER asked to be paid at a "fair level"?
    "fair level" for who?
    A fair level for the best player at his position, which is what he is. It's not that difficult a concept. The best QB should be paid more than the 2nd best QB. The best LB should be paid more than the 2nd best LB. And the best CB - Revis - should be paid more than the 2nd best CB. Quite simple, really.

    When LT was the best LB in the NFL and wanted to be paid as such, do you remember Giants fans demanding he be traded because he was "only" a LB?

    Great teams know when they have a great player and pull out all the stops to keep them. And Revis is a great player.


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