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Thread: I'm excited about the core and the near future

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    Quote Originally Posted by southside View Post
    Chance Warmack and Monte Ball.

    That's what I'm hoping for.
    Generally speaking, I am against drafting an interior lineman so high in the first round. However, Warmack is a beast. This guy mauls people.

    Yes we need a new QB, but look at what happened the last time we spent a top 10 pick on an unworthy QB. I believe that we will be faced with a decision between an OL and an OLB with the 9th pick. We have focused on the defense in the first round the past 3 years and the lack of top love for the O shows. No weapons. Plus if Rex is such a defensive genius then he should not need as much top talent on his side of the ball. It is time to help the offense.

    If the Jets draft a worthy OT I will be happy with that as well. Fix the line and that will keep whomever is the QB off his back and help improve the run game as well. Two fixes for the price of one on the side of the ball where we need the most help.

    Warmack has proven himself over the course of his college career and it is hard to say that one game should mean so much for him, but the upcoming title game will speak volumes to me about him being worthy of a top 10 pick. Warmack will undoubtedly square off against Te'o. That match up intrigues me. You want to know if this interior lineman is worthy of our pick at 9? Watch the title game Monday.
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