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Thread: New York Giants Leaving U-Albany After 17 Years Of Training Camp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJets View Post
    Jets need to hold training camp in Bear Mountain Park or Peekskill, NY, again
    BMP is 20 minutes from my house .. Would be awesome..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 124 View Post
    Cortland is about three hours from Buffalo. There are just as many Jet and Giant fans there as there are Bills.
    How far is it from Albany? I would think south of Albany (or maybe around the Catskills if you're talking about that direction) is where the number of Bills fans sharply decreases and it's mostly Jets and Giants fans- I know several Albany radio stations carry Bills games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanyJet View Post
    The mayor is just a Giants homer. When the JETS came up to scrimmage the G-Men a few years ago the local JETS fans came out in a HUGE force.

    I also think that Cortland, NY is more Buffalo Bills country anyhow.

    Giants won TWO (2) Super Bowls while training in Albany so having an NFL training camp at U-Albany is a proven success!

    Binghamton is 30 mins from Cortland and Bing Univ. is LOADED with JETS FANS from Long island, NYC, NJ, Staten Island.. I meet sooooo many cool people from the NYC while living in Binghamton for 16 yrs.

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    Any news on Jets West?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Any news on Jets West?
    Yea the Jets took a GAMBLE from outwest somewhere i tink??? SF mayb???

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Any news on Jets West?
    Haven't you used this joke enough yet? You're better than this.

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    Should I give a crap that the Giants are leaving Albany?


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