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Thread: Gamble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankiev80 View Post
    Gamble has ties with the Ryan family. There are statements out there that he respects Rex Ryan as a great coach. The deal breaker is that he gets a great coach that's already here and the players love playing for him. I really think if you switch fan bases Jets and Steelers during the time when Cowher had struggling years, our stupid fans would have run Bill Cowher out of town. How sad is our fan base?
    If i am wrong please forgive me, but don't u have school tomorrow. I work for a really nice man, but he's the biggest problem in my unit. Doesn't mean i don't like him or that he's not a great guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexi Rexi View Post
    That and they are waiting to comply with The Rooney Rule before announcing the hiring.


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