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Thread: Jets starting calls for ReLocations-Gnrl info

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    Jets starting calls for ReLocations-Gnrl info

    Got a call this morning from Tix Rep about seat relocations.

    I'm content w/my section in the MezzA but ideally would like a closer row to the field.

    Wasn't offered much in my particular section, but he stated there are several openings starting to pop up (I'm assuming people having called in to confirm non-renewals) in similar seats but in different sections.

    So, anyone sit in the Budlight Corner section of 207a? how lively and vocal in cheering is that section. My section (245a) has improved over the years in being more vocal at cheering (jeering was never an issue ) but curious to see how other STHs perceive the "fun" in that section.

    Also, it seems I lose the direct access route from Lot L to the Pepsi gate if I were to switch over to that corner. How's the tailgating in Lot A or H? I LOVE the regulars who occupy my section in L12-13

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Also, for those who asked in an earlier thread a while ago, there is NO PENALTY for early PSL balance payment. Even if you are in a plan, they'll take the lump sum payment and interest would cease at that moment and you'd be free to do as you wish & are off the hook.
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    a friend of mine got the same call it seems they want you to move up spend more money.

    so will they exhaust all psl season ticket holders and then hold another fire sale for anyone who want in like they did in the upper decks with the $50 seats?

    they are going to have to do something to sell the remaining and defaulted psls.


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