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Thread: Should the Jets target Joe Flacco in FA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Flacco will receive the franchise tag. Best FA possibility would be Alex Smith.
    Alex Smith is not a free agent

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    Quote Originally Posted by dameangreenkillingmachine View Post
    Yeah lets get joe flacco aka Mark Sanchez who can throw the ball a little bit further. No thanks. Flacco has been in the same situation for the past 5 years that sanchez was in during his first 2. without a running game and top defense, Flacco would look like a turd swirling down the toilet bowl, just like how sanchez looked these past 2 seasons.

    +1. Flacco is terrible. Which means the Jets will probably make him the highest paid QB in the league.

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    Joe Flacco = Neil O'Donnell.

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    No no no please no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGJET View Post
    Alex Smith = Neil O'Donnell.


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