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Thread: Most problematic positions for next season

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    The o line really was the weak link this year. I know we played a group of # 4 and#5 receivers, who could never get any seperation and the TE is a complete possy. Still they were pused around all year long. If no upgrades are made here, it won't matter who plays OB,RB, or receiver we are DOA with this unit.
    WR will be fine next with Kerley,Tone and Hill healthy and hopefully Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller resigned.

    I absolutely agree we need to beef up at the Guard positions. A great OL can make a mediocre back like Bilal Powll turn into a 1,000+ yd 10+td guy.

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    OLB and S. They've been our biggest problem spots for four years now. Rex Ryan has failed to bring us a premier outside pass rusher and while Landry and Bell were our best pair of S's to date, we still don't have a S who can cover a TE. One of them should be assigned and playing SS, and either one of the young players (Bush, Allen) or perhaps another draft pick needs to step up in 2013 as a legitimate FS option. As for OLB - we will have a chance to draft one at nine - but is that player a better option than a sure thing like Chance Warmack in between D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmetto defender View Post
    And everyone is happy with TE, WR, FB and right tackle? Whoa.

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    We have holes elsewhere, but fixing the QB position (ie: getting Sanchez the f*ck out of here) is paramount.


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