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Thread: Jets Have Offered Caldwell the GM Poisition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcola View Post
    I hadn't seen the Roman rumors involved with Caldwell. I read that Jax was very high on him and he has a history with Mularkey going back to last season.
    Teammates and roomates at John Carroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iahawkeyejet View Post
    Teammates and roomates at John Carroll.
    Good info, thanks. I don't think he would fire Mularkey (at least now) if he went to Jax.

    That said, all 3 coordinators in Atl have garnered requests for interviews. Koetter declined, but Armstrong and Mike Nolan have interviewed for Chicago and Philadelphia, respectively.

    I mentioned Nolan as a good candidate if whoever our new GM was because he is disciplined in compared to Rex.

    All said, if we are fortunate enough to get Gamble, Caldwell, or Ross, I think we will see a different approach than what we have seen lately.

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    I would bet dollars to donuts Dave Caldwell is the choice. I wouldn't be surprised if its announced today. It was probably Woody's plane (without Woody aboard) providing transportation for our new GM to bring him up here.


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