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Thread: Remember these guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenReaper View Post
    Lets have a GM with a football background on his resume. Give him final authority to make decisions on player personnel and the draft.

    Then let him be both a facilitator and at times adversarial with Rex and his wants.

    No to a Holmes contract that's not in proportion with his real CAP value. Let him walk...even if Rex gets mad. Sign Braylon instead. Cause he wasn't going to shakedown the Jets for all he can get.

    No to Revis and his Scrooge & Marley agents that never needed any encouragement, to try and scrape the CAP cupboard of every last coin in there.

    No to a ridiculous Sanchez extension.

    Say no to Harris and a 4 year $36 mil contract, with 29.5 mil guaranteed.

    Tanny didn't say no. He was the GM...and that was his call. His job to say no. And only say yes to contracts when the deal could be struck for a reasonable CAP friendly figure.

    I don't want a flunky GM. Be it Tom Gamble or Scott Cohen. I want someone that will make tough decisions. Say no to the impulses of either Woody for a Favre or Rex for one of "his" guys, like Scott, for way out of context CAP money.

    A strong GM that can control Rex is what's needed. Rex just coaching and the GM doing his job...whether it makes Rex happy or not.

    I think Woody said the new GM would have final say on all personnel matters.

    IMO...Tanny's biggest problem was contracts much more then his drafts. He took things as far as he could. Now it's time to pass the baton to a individual with 15-25 years of various football experiences.

    A GM with a vision and a plan on how to implement it. That's the way I'd like to see the Jets going forward.
    Tanny's biggest problem was the owner. If you watched the press confrence it's obvious Woody doesn't want a strong GM here. Maybe Herm and BB got it right. When he and Mangini were building the team we were on the right track.

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    Seems like ages ago. Good times.

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    If nothing else, that video really reinforces the need for some speed at LB. As other have pointed out, Harris and Pace are all over the place.


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