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Thread: Offensive Coordinator Candidates - No whining please

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozu View Post
    He said he wanted to run the Pistol. Bring in Chris Ault from Nevada.
    Chris Ault actually just retired from Nevada, but I think any OC or GM here should make him one of their first calls to come in as a consultant.

    He originated that offense and knows how to use it to run the reason not to have him "tutor" whoever we bring in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozu View Post
    Why do you want retreads that have bounced around the league as OCs? Football is filled with actual rising creative minds. Why not someone like Joe Lombardi?
    I agree. The Jets need to find a young creative coach who does not have the family name or enough years in the league yet to be considered by the pundits when possible OC's are discussed.


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