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That's it...I'm sold!

Didn't know Idzik had a Scottish link. He's my guy.

Actually, kidding aside, this guy could be a serious candidate. Strong on the management and cap side, but also with considerable experience in the scouting and personnel side of things with the Bucs and Cards, he has a good blend of skills and experience. Comes from a football family, and so has been around the game his whole life.

I expect that Popp may be a step too far for the Jets, and it may well come down to Idzik versus Gaine as the two most well-rounded candidates.
What I take from the reports I've seen, if true, is that the Jets only spoke to Poop in Carolina (as reported by the MTL writer and Coz) and it didn't take place in Florham Park as a formal interview, which doesn't bode well for Poop..At least so far...Perhaps he was one of the ones interviewed in FP yesterday, altho I didn't get that sense from Coz...Now they can still bring him up to FP this weekend, but we'll see.

So with all that in mind I would have to agree with what you state...And the more I read/think about it I'm moving Idzik up to my #2 candidate and Gaine #3. Idzik seems to be more well rounded. He has scouting, coaching, and administration..

However, if it's Gaine I wouldn't have any problem..