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  • Tom Gamble

    41 34.45%
  • Scott Cohen

    57 47.90%
  • Marc Ross

    7 5.88%
  • Other (please specify in the thread)

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Thread: Put your name on it: Who becomes the new GM of the Jets?

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    you heard it hear first

    Andrew Dice Clay

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    Cohen, unfortunately.

    And that says everything about this organization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedtedthefootballhead View Post
    To be honest I don't know squat about any of these guys and I don't pay attention to other teams front office personnel.

    But what confuses me about what's transpired so far (keeping Ryan, letting go of Sparano & Cavanaugh, promoting Thurman to DC) is that don't these types of decisions usually involve the GM? If the Jets are making all these decisions without the input of the next GM who hasn't been hired yet, then MAYBE the next GM is already on the team and has already given his input? Scott Cohen?

    Just sayin...
    Sounds good to me!

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    It'll be Cohen, because the right move would be Gamble.

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    Voted for Gamble but its probably Rob Ryan he loves the HC

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    And we'll be a laughingstock because of it and will be looking for both a H.C. and G.M. in 2014.

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    Caldwell is gone. We lose out on Gamble because he gets tired of waiting on the Jets. By default Cohen is the last man standing. But everyone knows he was only a courtesy interview and it would be a disaster for both the Jets and Korn/Ferry if Cohen is the hire. So, Bill Polian, who by this point just feels sorry for the lameness of Jets Management agrees to become GM and train Cohen to take over for him in 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIJetsFan View Post
    I'm still hoping for John Dorsey the Packers' director of football operations.
    Actually, THIS is what I'd love to see happen.

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    Rex Ryan, Cohen will be sitting in the GM seat but Rex Ryan will be calling the shots.

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    What if he brings Rob Ryan?

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    I voted Marc Ross because I am hopeful that is our guy...when this whole search started my top options were Caldwell and Ross as 1A/1B options, followed by Dorsey from Green Bay and then Gamble. Cohen I really don't know much about, and even though he may be a quality candidate, it just wouldn't sit right that the guy who Tannenbaum has been grooming will take over, I fear things wouldn't change much. I wanted guys from winning, well-run organizations like the Giants, Steelers, Packers, etc. to get the Jets going in the right direction.

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    Marc Ross,please.

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    Scott Cohen.

    Because only the Jets could find a way to **** this up.

    We will be begging to bring Tannenbaum back.

    This whole thing has become one big cluster ****.

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    It'll be Cohen, because we're the Jets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozu View Post
    I have nothing but cynicism left. Cohen.

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    I still think it will be Gamble. Maybe Caldwell was the top choice, but ultimately you can't ignore recommendations from Polian & Korn/Ferris (although I am questioning Woody's sanity after seeing the presser).

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    It's been Cohen all along. The 'search' was a red herring supposed to make the fans feel like we did diligence but will just make the Jets look more pathetic.

    At this point, they might as well make SAR the GM.

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    Brian Gaine from the Dolphins.


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