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    Quote Originally Posted by chesapeakejet View Post
    buddy=right hand man
    I would rather have the real thing, Ches. But "push come to shove"...

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    The truth is this team is a clown show, run by clowns. Next season is going to be worse than this season (if that's even possible). I have no confidence they will choose the right GM, no confidence they will get the right OC, no confidence they won't mess up the draft, no confidence they will get Sanchez out of here, no confidence they will pick up another qualified QB to at least compete for the job next season, and no confidence that Rex turns this team around by next September.

    I'm a Jets fan. I've been a Jets fan since the late 1960's, so I know all about losing with no end in sight. I know a bad regime when I see one. I know what to expect. Doesn't mean I'm not a Jets fan anymore, just means I know what to expect. So yes, I am absolutely going to have an alternate team to root for in the playoffs because I am not going to dwell on the rank stupidity of this teams every move during the offseason. They are going to mess this up royally, I just know it, I've seen it too many times before and I've seen the meddling antics of this owner too many times to expect anything different.

    Having said that: GO BRONCOS!

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    The truth is, I don't want to hear from this team till August... Don't want to know anything until then. Let me know who and what you have at the start of training camp. Between now and then they will be stumbling all over themselves and stepping on their own d_cks, this is a given, and who wants to witness that?

    Let me know what you've got on Day 1 of training camp. Until then just go ahead and make stupid move after stupid move because I am going to be following another team in the playoffs and riding my bike and going to the gun range and going shopping and going on vacation and basically not letting this team get me down anymore until next August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohio State NY Jets fan View Post
    Not so easy, since just another team can't replace the passion you had rooting for a team as a kid (even if you move out of state), don't think you can ever be that fan for another team (see Fireman Ed)

    My advice would be to find a good College (NCAA) team or two (probably in the SEC if you want a championship), games are more fun to watch and every game matters.

    Sometimes you find a team like the Jets but I did enjoy a National Championship in 2002 and a 12-0 season in Coach Urban Meyer's first year as coach of the Buckeyes (also looks like a top 5 recruiting class)

    100k fans every Saturday, great tailgating, no PSLs, etc...

    Rutgers is joining the Big 10 so you can still go to the games...
    Agree with this. I have ties to the SEC and ACC so I always have a team to root for besides the Jets. My teams don't always go 11-1 but they always have a decent record. I even have a local FBS (1AA) team that I follow. Football is football - frankly the Jets are a long term prop. If anyone thinks 2013 is even a chance - uh, no. Maybe if Brady and Peyton retire.

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    What a terrible thread, lol. Time to make it worth while.

    Borg, help a pr0n brotha out.


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