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Thread: Why even bother playing the 2013 season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Says the guy that didnt know that Bill Belichick was HC for a day.

    Super Fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeyer52 View Post
    First cap doesn't mean a thing until a new GM gets here and we release players who aren't worth the money they are being paid. Second, we don't know what free agents are going to come to the Jets and Third, we don't know who the starting QB is going to be. Let this play out before you abandon the team
    this is the only thing that really matters....

    GM's, HC's, OC's, DC's is all basically window dressing....This league comes down to QB play, if Sanchez is our starter we win 4 to 6 games if they can find a QB that not only will not lose games but also find a way to win a couple the team can be competitive.


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