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Thread: Unemployed jagass

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    I'll repeat myself. Failing to bring at least a single copy (if not multiple copies) of your resume to an interview is major fail. Google "what to bring to an interview" and tell me if it isn't on every single list in the top ten search results. You never know how many people are going to be interviewing you -- if the interview goes better than expected and the interviewer wants you to meet his/her superior right then and there, failing to have a clean copy of your resume handy to give him/her reflects poorly on you and your ability to be prepared. If your fallback is "I emailed my resume, it's your fault your company didn't print enough copies," I hope that warms your heart as you hit the pavement as a still-unemployed torch carrier for the new way of the world.

    As for having one's "book," go back and read my post in which I said it would be great if he had one online, like many or even most copywriters do today. He had nothing in print nor online, and thus was wasting my time. In my field (marketing/advertising) a copywriting candidate wouldn't bring "stacks of paper" as one might in your pocket-protector/taped eyeglasses world -- in fact some of the best sample books I've seen have been on the candidate's iPad. By the same token, a portfolio with printed pieces often works better for showing complex printed pieces in which reading all the copy online, in context, would be difficult.
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    No offense. But I'm as cutting edge as it gets. I've worked for 3 Fortune 15 companies. I'd never work for someone that has the OLD idea of interviewing. And I can assure you that I wouldn't be turned away because I don't bring my resume. You have my resume. I sent it to you. You called me because of it. I'm not bringing you another copy. You should know me. All that means is that your company is full of lazy and clueless people and all that is going to tell me is that I am going to have to do more than one person's job... a lot.

    No thanks. Have fun with your cliche'd college student who knows the rules for getting hired but doesn't know his ass from the hole in the ground.

    So says the guy that has worked from home for his entire 20s and never stepped foot on a college campus. You can either do a job or you can't. If you want to waste my time with bullsh!t I'd throw it so hard back in your face. I've done it before and I'll do it again.
    Alright guys, why don't you settle this the old fashioned way and take pictures of and post copies of your W-2's, with the winner of course being the person that makes more money. SAR-1 will examine the documents and be the judge to determine who the winner is!!!

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    Anybody else have anything to add to this?

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    bump for Jack Straw's job search


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