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Thread: Schotty interviewing for Jags head coaching job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by persiussa View Post
    The guy tried as hard as he could while he was here and I appreciate it. That's all I ask from any jet. Maybe things didn't work out here but I know he gave it everything he had. I wish him the best if he gets the job.
    +1 .... He very smart as well .. Just a horrible play caller. He outthinks himself sometimes.

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    this entire thread REALLY made me laugh...

    Schitty..... LMAO!!!

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    Ok its pretty easy to imagine why Schitty is being interviewed.

    Caldwell is in house and the Jags brainstorm about hiring a new HC while reviewing their roster and lamenting the fact that they have a prime draft pick and no decent QB's to draft. Caldwell has an "aahaa" momemt and exclaims "What HC candidate has winning experience with terrible QB play?" and the room burst out in response.... "Schitty".


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