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Thread: How Omar Khan and Ken Whisenhunt Leads To Bill Cowher

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeonM View Post
    The likelihood of the new GM coming in and re-shaping the entire Jets scouting department is not likely. Atleast not in year one. So i expect Bradway, Cohen and company to still remain in place. Khan or someone like Idzik would oversee the entire football operation and be the point man and cap strategist. Khan and Idzik are highly regarded in football circles for their leadership,guidance and expertise. I don't think either man is a bad hire.
    Well I was just going by what Woody said at the press conference that the GM will be picking the players, he certainly could have meant that the FO asa whole will pick and not just the GM being the point man. I still stand by my thought that most the the focus would be on a personnel man and not a business side guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnysd View Post
    I don't get the fascination with Cowher, especially since it is pretty clear he does not want to coach again. Is it the scowl? I think he is a good coach but not that good.
    He would change things instantly and establish a culture. He's not afraid to hold players accountable and etc. I think thats what would excite the base. You'd know for a fact there's a culture being established and some actual organization. Owner would stay in the backround, GM would stay in the backround, Cowher knows what to say and he's a man of high character. He'd be a perfect face for an organization. You can argue there's maybe none better available at the moment. He's a solid X's and O's guy but more importantly he gets the best X's and O's guys around him and he handles the team overall so there's no nonsense like what we've gone thru the last 2 years. Lets be honest ... None of the Tebow mess that went down this year or drama the last 2 years would have happened under Cowhers watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    I don't get it either. I mean, his record is only 149-90 with 9 division titles and 2 trips to the SB, despite having a franchise QB (Big Ben) only 3 seasons out of 15.

    If you think about it, that is only 7 more divisions and 2 more SB trips than the Jets have in my lifetime (I'm in my 40s). I mean, that is good, but not that good. I'd much rather have Rex Ryan.


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