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Thread: WSJ: Jets' Headhunter Is Key to Their Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by intelligentjetsfan View Post
    Good post.

    The disconnect here (I think) is in how we are all interpreting woody's words in the press conference. From my view, when he admitted that a stipulation for any prospective candidate is that the coach stays through 2013 he was saying essentially saying only he will determine whether Ryan stays or not.

    I took this, as well as his statement that the head coach will be a part of hiring the next gm, as two impediments for hiring general managers but we will see. Anyway, I respect your point of view and we are all on board for wanting to see this team succeed!
    Perhaps the answer is in here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Blast View Post
    Sounds like we should hire Jed Hughes as our new GM. Maybe he is the mystery candidate.
    You must've read the Dick Cheney playbook. See how that turned out.


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