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Thread: Peyton Manning.. Greatest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post

    I'm convinced that you never even saw Montana play.
    Montana was better, but no one in the history of the game threw the ball as well as Marino IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 124 View Post
    Put Peyton's Regular Season attributes together with Eli's Postseason pedigree and you'd have the greatest Quarterback of all-time, period.

    Poor Peyton.
    Eli's D never allowed over 20 points in the Giants 2 SB runs. Give Peyton that and I'm sure he'd do just fine.

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    Voted to 9 All Pro teams...Best regular season QB ever. And then he becomes just an asterisk. Does he now hold the record for the most one and done appearances in NFL history. At least he can now get a head start on his endorsements


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