Look, we are all sick to death in Jetland, I'm one of them. But after all of the media hoopla with the circus and buttgate the facts of rebuilding any NFL team remains the same; you hit on drafting an NFL QB or the rare exception of trading for one (Brees) then you're playing the game going downhill and your opponents are playing uphill. It's a clear and distinct advantage. If you look at the last 10 Super Bowl winners they have all had a Franchise type QB at the helm with the exception of one, Tampa & Brad Johnson.

The list of QB's that have won the last 10 SB's excluding Brad Johnson; Brady, Roethlisberger, P. Manning, E. Manning, Brees, & Rodgers. If you add any of those QB's to the Jets over the last 4 seasons and some may go back to 6 years you would most likely see the Jets appear in at least 1 Super Bowl and very easily 2 with the defense the Jets had in the first two years of the Ryan era.

So while multiple blogs and postings sway on which GM and OC we should be aligned with, the fact for me remains if you hit on a Franchise QB the rest of your roster and front office falls into place. Marginal players and executives become great players and front office personal with a Franchise QB and the team brand becomes winners. If anyone doubts this, looks at each of those SB winning teams over the last 10 years before they obtained a Franchise QB. They all were average or worse.

So while players even great ones have come and gone (Martin, Abraham etc) without a Franchise QB in todays game, the Jets and any Franchise will go no where. And the likelihood of that happening this year via the draft or FA is really slim. I'm all for a new GM and regime. I think the Jets need to start fresh, but without a Franchise QB it really doesn't matter.