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Thread: looks like manning should have picked jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAR I View Post
    He's got a point.

    Peyton Manning would have made the same money and had two weeks less work to get to the same point. It's a better deal, could have been vacationing in the Bahamas today.

    SAR I

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    Quote Originally Posted by persiussa View Post
    Denver lost the game because fox was afraid to let manning throw the ball on 3rd down to close the game. Instead they ran it 3 times and gave the ravens an opportunity on offense. If the jets were in the same position that would have played it the same way. Rex always feels more comfortable trying to win games on the defensive side. I hate that mentality. I'd always try to win the game on a play where the other team can't score.
    Fox was afraid he'd throw an INT...just like he did to lose the game.

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    Landry makes that play on the last td..just saying

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    Dude had a big meltdown yesterday. If he didn't want to play for the Jets then let him fall on his sword elsewhere

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    LOLZ at Peyton Manning's legion of polesmokers like Mike Francesa who think he's the greatest QB of all-time. Guy has same # of SB wins as Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. Great regular season player but very rarely performed in the clutch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleansweep2013 View Post
    Manning did everything he could and led the O to a lot of tds but denver d, secondary was terrible.. He would not have needed to worry about jets d blowing the game for him..
    All these teams that made the playoffs have a very good, or great qb. Even Kaepernick looks 20 times better than Sanchez.. I guess if bradway was still the gm he would have drafted russell wilson in the 2nd round and we would be still be in it.

    Need to find the steal qb in next years draft..
    Did you watch the game? Manning had several huge turnovers that directly led to 24 Raven points -- including the game winning TO! Combine that with the fact that 14 of Denver's points came off of KO returns, and Manning was god awful. Of course, the Manning apologists in the media won't call him out as they should. But anyone who watched the game can clearly see Manning choked once again in the big spot.

    I don't understand your logic?


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