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Thread: seahawks-falcons

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzelada121 View Post
    Is tony gonzales crying???!! LMFAO!!!! These guys think they won the bowl.

    You just won the 'JERK OF THE YEAR' award!

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    The Atlanta Falcons have been my favorite NFC team since 1997, and my favorite overall team in the years that Chad Pennington was not playing.

    Way to go, Dirty Birds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iahawkeyejet View Post
    Apparently I took the worst timed nap in history.
    I lawled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleansweep2013 View Post
    lol yes confucius I do..But tell me how your sure 3 points there would not have made a difference? Atlanta plays harder and scores more if seahawks get on the board? perhaps atlanta doesnt get that huge run play after getting the ball on turnover of downs to set up another td.. the stadium, team was pumped after getting that stop.. point is that was an easy 3 points they game up.. and that wasnt a hindsight criticism.. down 13-0 in 1st half, take the easy 3. sure could have been difference maker..
    Please see my original comment. It doesn't work like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    You're right. I apologize, lzelada.
    Will you be gone with TebLOW?
    I sure hope so!!!


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