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Thread: NY Post reporting decision close, favorite is,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Harris View Post
    The Chicago Bears Screw Up First Round Draft Pick Trade with the Baltimore Ravens

    The Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo took full responsibility for the botched trade with the Baltimore Ravens that occurred during the first round of the NFL draft. However, the Bears didn't end up compensating the Ravens' as Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested.

    Chicago who owned the 29th pick of the first round and Baltimore who were three spots ahead of the Bears were in trade discussions during Baltimore's allotted time. Chicago, who ended up selecting offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, had a deal in place with Baltimore to move up to take Carimi. The details of the deal were that the Bears would swap first round picks with the Ravens and give up a fourth rounder this year. Baltimore's General Manager Ozzie Newsome phone the trade into the NFL Office, as required, with around 2:30 left in their allotted time.
    The problem was Chicago didn't make the call because Angelo delegated the responsibility to two Bears staffers who thought the other made the call. Baltimore got confirmation about the trade so after the Ravens allotted time ran out, once the allotted time runs out the team temporarily forfeits that picks, the Kansas City Chiefs handed their pick to Goodell and selected Wide Receiver Jonathan Baldwin. Baltimore then composed themselves and took cornerback Jimmy Smith with the 27th pick.

    Sounds like a perfect match he will fit the big top

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    Well, you'll have to reconcile your Jets Fandom with teh fact that Woody is all but guaranteed to be our owner for many, many more years. Given your feelings on the matter, thats bound to suck horribly for you.

    lolmedia gossip, designed to fit a prejudice against the owner,

    Well it's a lot easier to reconcile your Jets fandom by taking the head in the sand approach of ignoring facts in your face. And prejudice against the owner? Since when? There has never been anything less than glowing about Woodward in the media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny Testaverde's Niece View Post
    Well it's a lot easier to reconcile your Jets fandom by taking the head in the sand approach of ignoring facts in your face.
    Nothing to reconcile. I'm a Fan, I root for success. Others root for (and seem to enjoy) failure in the vague hope it will lead to success in some unseen future. Woody being our owner doesn't effect me being a fan. Thinking he fine does help tho, in having hope in future success.

    I'm still trying to figure out what facts you're referencing, given you havn't provided any beyond "Woody is the Owner, we signed Tebow and didn't play him, therefore Woody must have overruled Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan and Sparano in order to sign him, buit apparently didn;t overrule them to make the team play him...".

    In any event, agree to disagree.


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